Roti Prata

Buttery & thick prata that is pan-fried till crispy golden brown These prata are relatively thicker compared to normal ones which will fill you up fast enough to fall into a food coma

Plain 》$1
Egg Onion 》$2
Egg Cheese 》$2.70

Triffany Lim

Milky Gem

A filling of condensed milk and colorful M&M. It will get very sweetest after bite by bite, but definitely worth your crave.

Price: $2 per piece
Place: Blk 303 Jurong East
Rating: 3/5

Khaw Han Chung

My #1 Favourite Prata

Went on a Saturday evening and managed to get a table despite that there is only like 10 tables around. Waited less than 10mins for our prata and it was soooo good! Took over my love for springleaf! Prata was very buttery, crispy and very fragrant! Had the mushroom cheese prata which had very generous amount of cheese and mushroom! Would totally travel for it!

Cynthia Luvs

Nasi Goreng Ikan Bilis

This was an amazing plate of Nasi Goreng, packed with LOADS of crisp, salty ikan bilis! I love how Nasi Goreng has random bits of veggie thrown in and this one had Chye sim, cabbage, and carrot. It was super duper fragrant, the grains were nicely separated and it wasn’t mushy or too dry. Best of all, this was not in the least bit oily. Only $4.50 for one generous serving of deliciousness.

Cassandra Chow

Plain Prata • S$1.00

Best prata in Singapore. Not kidding.
Nestled in a small coffee shop in Jurong East, it is common to see many people standing around waiting for seats to get themselves some prata. The plain prata was warm, fluffy yet crispy. It’s all the things I look for in prata. It’s so good you can even eat it on its own but it comes with a savory chili sauce and curry.

Kenneth Lee

Bomb And Egg Onion Prata

Bomb Prata is basically sugar inside a Prata. When they cook it, the sugar melts and it becomes liquid, so you won’t bite on the sugar bits. It’s really sweet, so for those who love sweet food, you’ll love this Prata. Enaq has really really good Prata, crispy exterior, and soft interior. Rating: 4.5/5!

Andrea Woo

Best Prata In SG!

Honestly the best prata I’ve ever had. The skin was crunchy and layered, reminiscent of a French croissant. The Murtabak (~7$) had the most delicious filling too! Seriously a hidden gem worth a try!

Joana Ferreira

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